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All pictures Copyright (c) 1999G4LIP

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These photo's were taken during the MAY 1999 contest. A series of older photos can be found here


  The Crew  

Here's the crew:-

Top: Mark G4PCS,Dave G8IMC,Pete G4ECY,Bernie G4HWA
Bottom:Annie,Chris G0HFX,Pete G4CLA,Dave G8NEY,William G8RWK,Neil G4BRK




Dave and Bernie DX Skyline
Bernie and Dave building the 23cms aerials in the sunshine ! A distinctively DX type skyline develops on the Friday evening before the contest.
8 x 21 at sunset Setting the 13cms feed
8x21 ele yagi's for 70cms point out towards the inversion ! Dave and Bernie set up the 13cms dish on a very loud PA beacon !
Beer drinking ! All set to go !
Lots of DX and lots of beer (supplied by guest Alfred) The skyline begins to take shape
13cms equipment One small tent...
A glimpse of the working of the 13cms system ! One small tent containing equipment for all bands 144MHz - 24GHz !!
23cms 70cms
Pete G4ECY and Dave G8NEY busy on 23 and 13cms Dave G8IMC operating the 70cms station
3cms 24GHz
Mark G4PCS making one of the 50 qsos's made on 3cms Neil G4BRK celebrating a QSO with PE0MAR/P on 24GHZ !
70 and 23 Dave on 70
Chris manages a quick read between operating shifts ! Dave G8IMC on 70cms
Chris on 70 dave head in hands !
Chris G0HFX takes over on 70cms While Dave G8NEY concentrates on that weak signal.
Sunrise Blue skies
Sunrise on a misty Sunday morning turns into a blue sky and more DX !
Dishes Packing up
A closer view of the dishes for 13/9/6/3cms and 24GHz The contest is over - now it's time to dismantle the stations
Dismantle 8 x 21 Lowering 16 x 23
Dismantle 23cms aerials The crew again


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